Friday, October 16, 2009

‘Sudan conflict due to Inequality’

The people of Sudan are yearning for lasting peace, Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako, archbishop of Khartoum has told the Synod of Bishops in Rome.

In his presentation, Cardinal Wako said that Africa now needed courage, to realize all the dreams that the continent has, among them the search for peace.

“The problem between South and North Sudan was a problem ranging from inequalities in development between North and South to inequalities of opportunities accorded to the people of the two portions of the country by the central government,” said the Cardinal, adding that religious and racial differences did not mitigate the situation in the country.

The cardinal lamented the isolation of Sudan by the international community and by NGOs saying that those left to suffer were the population. He criticised those who have taken sides in the conflict subjecting the weak to even greater suffering.

On the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that was signed in 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya, Cardinal Wako said that though conflict had ended, the country still experienced great uncertainty with a very delicate peace in the Sudan.

He prayed that the ongoing Synod of bishops ‘would draw a genuine road map for the salvation of Africa.

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