Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cardinal Njue: Reconciliation a must for Kenya

Reconciliation in Kenya has not been easy, but it is a path that we must all walk and as a church encourage people to take.

This was said to day by Cardinal John Njue during an international press conference at the Vatican during the ongoing Synod of Bishops for Africa, who also chairs the important information committee of the ongoing Synod

Flanked by Cardinal Napier of South Africa and the popes spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, Cardinal Njue recounted the experience Kenya went through after the 2007 elections terming it as having been a difficult time for Kenya and challenging one for the church in the country.

Respect from Donors
Asked about donors who come to our African countries with hidden agenda, Cardinal Njue said that we all needed help from well intentioned donors, but called for respect from them.

"Whatever came from outside must also respect the local culture and the dignity of the people being helped," he said.

He said farmers are being subjected to great injustices for not being rewarded for their hard labour in their farms by those in western market.

HIV/AIDS interventions
Cardinal Napier of South Africa said the church had set up different institutions to offer accurate information on HIV/AIDS; care for the infected; get more involved in programs offering ART as well as prevention programs to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS.

To the married, the Cardinal reiterated the call for faithfulness and to those yet to get marriage, he called for abstinence.

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