Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cardinal Njue, Bishops attend Bp. Baldacchinno’s Burial

The burial of the late bishop of Malindi, Bishop Francis Baldacchino takes place today at 1500hrs (Kenyan time) in the island of Malta where the bishop was born.

Kenyan delegation attending the burial led by Cardinal John Njue left Rome on Monday (October 12, 2009) evening for the burial.

Together with Cardinal Njue was Archbishop Boniface Lele of Mombasa and Bishop Philip Sulumeti, who are attending the Synod of Bishops in Rome.

Meanwhile, the clergy in the diocese of Malindi in Kenya, the religious men and women as well as the Christians are celebrating a Requiem Mass today at St. Anthony Cathedral to celebrate the life well spent of the diocese’s late Bishop Baldacchinno.

According to Fr. Ambrose Muli, Father-in- Charge at the cathedra, The diocesan Vicar –General Fr. Albert Buijs will be celebrating the Mass at 1300hrs (Kenyan time), concelebrated by the clergy in the Diocese.

“The Mass is respect to our Bishop. We are celebrating it to run con-current with the burial that is taking place in Malta today,” said Fr. Ambrose.

At the same time, the diocese is planning for another diocesan Requem Mass, that will bring together faithful from different parts of Malindi Diocese on Sunday.

Bishop Philip Anyolo, the acting Kenya Episcopal Conference Chairman, who was to celebrate today’s Requiem Mass with the clergy will now celebrate the one scheduled for Sunday.

Fr. Ambrose termed the mood in the diocese as sad. “He is our only Bishop we have known in our diocese, as he was our first shepherd here. We would have felt a little better if he was being buried here. But God does as He wills. Malindi Diocese is young, and we ask for prayers,” he said.

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