Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Orthodox Church Patriarch: "African is endowed"

The Patriarch of Orthodox Church in Ethiopia His Holiness Abuna Paulus (Pictured, right) described Africa as a land wealthy endowed with diversity of people and a rich cultural heritage to offer.

In his address to the Synod of Bishops for Africa that is going on in the Vatican, the Head of Orthodox Church in Ethiopia who attended the synod by invitation of the Catholic church appreciated the generosity of our continent as a land where refugees have always found a home with many including Jesus coming to our land, in search for hospitality.

The patriarch however lamented the brain drain of the people of Africa and the consequent continued dependency on the West economically, politically and socially.

On Justice, reconciliation and peace, which is the main theme of the Synodal meeting, Patriarch Abuna Paulus regretted the many civil wars fought on our Continent, while denouncing the use of child soldiers caught in the war of adults. He appealed to the church leaders to speak out in unity to oppose the use of child soldiers anywhere and everywhere in our continent.

“Work for Peace”

He urged all religious leaders to work for peace and to protect the natural resources.

Asking the religious leaders to exercise their particular responsibilities given to them by God, Patriarch Paulus asked all team up in curbing religious extremism in our land.

Pope Benedict XVI who was seated next to the patriarch during the address prayed that the churches should remain close and be a society of integrity and solidarity. He expressed gratitude to the Patriarch of Ethiopia for accepting the invitation to attend the Synod.

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