Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Archbishop recounts war atrocities in DR CONGO

Archbishop of Bukavu in the DRC Mons Francois Xavier Maroy Rusengo today gave a moving testimony of the effects of war in his archdiocese.

He spoke of the traumatic experiences of ravaging war and called on the synod fathers to come up with a message of solidarity with the wounded people of Bukavu.

He told the attentive audience of the burning of parishes, attack and kidnapping of priests and the heavy ransoms the diocese has had to pay to secure release of the priest.

He further asked for special attention to be given to the youth but establishment of joint recreational and cultural activities that would favour true reconciliation.

Environment destruction

From the West Africa, Bishop Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji of Umuahia, Nigeria, strongly castigated the multinationals who exploit natural resources in Africa mindless of the future generations and their livelihood.

He called this a ‘reckless exploitation of the environment’ which would impact negatively on the African continent and threaten any meaningful prospects of peaceful living in the region.

The bishop denounced the destruction of environment in Africa, further calling the Church in Africa to stimulate what he called ‘ecological conversion’ through intensive education.

“The church must spearhead the fight against environmental degradation in order to ensure that the future generations live in an intact and healthy environment,” he said.

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