Friday, October 9, 2009

Cardinal Antonelli: “Repulse Anti-life ideologies”

Recalling the Holy Father’s inauguration mass homily in which he decried what he described as ‘exporting spiritual toxic waste’ to Africa from the first world, the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family Cardinal Ennio Antonelli called on the African church leaders to be vigilant against ideologies spread by reproductive health centres and some media houses all aimed at the destruction and annihilation of the family.

He said that some international institutions and organisations pretend to advocate for the rights of women and children, but they have other hidden agenda in Africa.

Bishop Alfred Adewale Martins of Abeokuta in Nigeria said neo-Pentecostalists have invaded the continent and are busy luring the youth into joining them, away from the Catholic Church.

He appealed to the Church leaders in our continent to ensure that no one was ‘anonymous’ in the parishes and that all should feel belonging to the church.

Bishop Adewale said that there was need to create a ministry in each parish that attended to the concerns and needs of the young executives and professionals targeted by neo-pentecostal groups.

Africa, Land of saints

And Archbishop Angelo AMATO S.D.B, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints described Africa as a land of saints.

Recalling the heroism of the Martyrs of Uganda, the wisdom of St Augustine and the witnessing of St Giuseppina Bakhita and many others, all sons and daughters of our continent, Archbishop called on the church leaders to promote more heroic witnesses to the faith in Africa.

22 nations in Africa have 44 beatifications and canonizations in process, 13 Blesseds, 4 venerables and 27 servants of God, among them being Mwalimu Julius Kabarage Nyerere from Tanzania.

Meanwhile, the delegates attending the synod have written a letter of solidarity to the Archbishop and people of war torn region of Bukavu, a letter that was read out at the start of Thursday’s Synod sessions.

On Wednesday, this week, the Archbishop of Bukavu, DR Congo, Mons. Francois Xavier Maroy Rusengo had appealed for solidarity and support from the delegates for his wounded diocese.

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