Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009/ 2010 National Budget Devolutionary, says Church

Kenya Episcopal Conference-catholic secretariat is hopeful that the members of parliament will operationalize the 2009/2010 budget through strong policies, legislations and positive political will.

In a signed statement, the KEC-CS secretary General Rev. Fr. Vincent Wambugu termed the 2009/2010 budget that was read by the country’s Minister for Finance and deputy Prime minister, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta on June 11th, 2009 as ‘more equitable budget, considering all Kenyans’.

The minister announced various tax cuts during this financial year’s budget.

“We urge the sectors that will benefit from tax reductions to quickly pass the benefits also to consumers. The poor in Kenya are the majority and our policies and practices must be pro-poor…The budget on the ground must reflect the spirit of equity, pro-poor and economic devolution,” he said.

The secretary general expressed concerned that despite the presence of Constituency development fund some areas in Kenya are yet to experience any development, urging Members of Parliament (MPs) to be ‘honest, committed to this goal (to see development all over Kenya), and manage funds well’.

He described the 2009/2010 budget as revolutionary, empowering all Kenyans, adding that: “It is strongly based on equity for all Kenyans; this equity, if realised, could be translated into political equity for all Kenyans, Making us a stronger and cohesive nation.”

He however cautioned that this will not be achieved without strong foundation of honesty, justice and commitment.

“We therefore urge the MPs and the government to quickly move this national budget from paper to reality,” he said.

Contrary to what many expected, government moved on to reduce taxes on several commodities, which many a person have hailed as a huge relief to common person during this time of economic recession.

At the same time, the government has strong used the devolutionary Constituency Development fund structure for its 2009/2010 budgetary planning, which many have applauded as well thought of.

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